Pops Pride Racing


Name of Team:

Pops Pride Racing
Entry Name:

Jame Reeser

Vehicle Number: 920
Drivers: Jame Reeser & Andrew Reeser
Crew: Jim "Pops" Reeser, Jeff Sandberg, Dave Pruess, Cordelia Latham, Family & Friends
Vehicle Description: 1980 Chevy Camaro with a 489" NA Big Block V8. Former Hodges
Brothers Racing Camaro.
Classes Run: A/CGALT for now, will change before long.
Records:   Car still holds the B/CFALT record at El Mirage at 209.731 MPH.
Sponsors:    JTS Construction & Management, CnC Machine, C&T Automotive Machine, Painted by D&R, Overtime

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