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 Land Speed Racing is a unique sport that consists of very determined people who drive
specially prepared cars, hot rods, roadsters, lakesters, motorcycles, streamliners & even Diesel trucks

to "shoot the salt or dry lakes"  in a quest to have their name added to the long list of record holders.
Unlike most other forms of racing there's no big purse money, so these people do it with
innovation, hard work and a lot of dedication. To learn more click:

Bonneville: The Great American Playground

Congratulations to The Champions

LSR 2017 Awards Banquet - Feb 17, 2018

For Previous Banquets click here

El Mirage Lakebed Repair - Feb 16, 2014


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Race Schedule 2017


El Mirage





May 20 - 21
June 11
July 16
September 10
October 22
November 11 - 12


August 12 - 18



"World Finals"
Oct 3 - 6



Map to El Mirage
Eastern Approach
El Mirage Weather


Map to Wendover
Map of Wendover
Wendover Weather


For more race information contact: (559) 528-6279 or www.scta-bni.org

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