Chet Thomas Racing

Name of Team:

Chet Thomas Racing
Entry Name:

Chet Thomas

Vehicle Number: 711
Drivers: Chet Thomas, John Beck, Donny Cummins,  Paul Bowman
Crew: John Beck, Leo Augusta, Paul Bowman, Donny Cummins, Bill Knuedeler
Vehicle Description:
1932 Ford Street Roadster
Records:   Current Records El Mirage
AA/STR 211.717 Chet Thomas
C/BSTR 208.723 Donny Cummins
D/BSTR 200.997 John Beck
Roadster has broken 5 other records at El Mirage and 2 records at Bonneville since 2007
Sponsors:    Vintage Hot Rod, B&J Racing Transmission , Pleasanton Tool & MFG.
Additional Info:
Roadster has the record for the fastest street roadster to run El Mirage at 211.717. John Beck Racing built the 600 inch Ford AA motor, run a B&J 4 speed transmission, John is currently building another 600 inch Ford motor and installing a Whipple screw blower on top for the AA/BSTR class.

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