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Isley Racing
862B - 861B

The Bike:

1993 Harley Davidson Sportster 80cu. in., running A-PG andA-PF

Powered by: 1350 cc Harley Davidson with a custom crank in a stock case.  Custom heads and intake. Running on gas and nitrous
Best Speeds:  El Mirage Dry Lake Bed, California:

166.431 A-PG May 2005  ( Current )

179.338 A-PF June 2005  ( Current )
Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah:
Rider: David Isley
Crew Chief: Bryan Brand
Crew: Sandy Lloyd, Bill Chambers
Sponsors:    Bill Chambers Racing.
PFI Injection
Baisey Hi Performance
Precision Welding
California Phil's
New Project: 100 cu. in. Harley Davidson with a blower and a new chassis. To run as APS-PBG and APS-PBF. Should be ready for the start of our 2007 season.
 New pictures coming soon

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