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LeFevers Racing


Name of Team:

LeFevers Racing
Entry Name:

LeFevers / Jesel

Vehicle Number: 701
Drivers: Ryan & Kevin LeFevers
Crew: Michael LeFevers (chief), Paul Fontaine, Judy & Kristin LeFevers
Vehicle Description:
Car is a 1927 Dodge Bros. front engine modified roadster powered by a 368 cu/in small block Dodge currently configured to run in C/BGMR class
Classes Run: Will run in C & D, both blown & unblown gasoline class
Records:   This car first ran in 2008. After setting the C/GMR record twice at El Mirage, first by Kevin at 213.409 and then by Ryan at 216.503, the car has been turbocharged to run in the C/BGMR class. The records we are currently chasing are 234.114 MPH at El Mirage and 254.574 MPH at Bonneville.
Sponsors:    Mitech Racing Engines, Jesel Valvetrain, Edelbrock, Lucas Oil, Performance Solutions, Kruse Aluminum, Centerline Welding, Specialty Crane, Kugel Komponents, Burns Stainless, & Kirk Harkins
Additional Info:
Ryan and Kevin LeFevers are both members of the El Mirage 200 mph club. Mike LeFevers is a member of the Bonneville 200 MPH Club (@ 260.139 mph) & the owner of Mitech Racing Engines, builder of the turbocharged engine currently installed in the company’s modified roadster.

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